Why Do The Big Get Bigger?

So this is something I think about quite a lot, and its something a lot of people have addressed, yet nothing ever seems to change or be done about it. The rich get richer is a concept incredibly prevolent in our world right now, and its the same principles that are crossing over into sites such as YouTube and Twitch, and is an issue for not only the smaller guys, but also the sites themselves.

What do I mean by this idea anyway? If you are reading this you probably already know, and you see it everywhere. The more popular you are, the more shares, RT’s etc. you get, therefore you get more publicity, and it all builds up as you go. Now this seems like a relatively sensible system, of course if a lot of people are watching a particular video, or sharing a particular post, then its going to get a lot of attention, as clearly there’s something significant about it. However, while this works on a case-by-case basis, its not a very good principle to base your entire website model on.

Take for example YouTube. Now its still a relatively young website, and is still growing regularly there’s no real doubt about that. But you notice now that its harder and harder for new names to break into the spotlight. Its possible of course, but its getting harder. Now I’m not saying everyone is entitled to be featured on the front page, or be shown around like they’re some sort of hero, but I do think its important that there is some balance.

And this isn’t all just for the benefit of the smaller YouTubers either. You are already seeing it, people are releasing books, going to radio, TV, voice acting, there are Youtubers not necessarily leaving, but widening their options, finding other avenues to go down. These bigger guys aren’t going to be around forever, and the problem is that there’s not enough support given in order to have new up and coming people to replace them when they do leave.

YouTube isn’t going to suddenly go dry overnight, but you are seeing a change in what people are doing. There are many small creators out there who struggle to get any recognition for some really great content, and it shouldn’t be up to them getting lucky and having their video seen by someone already established to get a boost. The websites involved need to try to do more to bring up new people, because their current system is rather short sighted, and in the long term it just will not last.

– Adam Gaffney


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