Steam Music Player Summary

So, I’ve done a bit of playing about, and here is my summary of Steam Music.

– You can now add your music to Steam, in order to play it while in-game.
– Firstly, go to Steam, then Settings, then Music.
– You should see this
– Make sure to add the folder that contains your music if not already listed. (NOTE:Steam picks up all music files in bother the source folder, and any sub-folders. So organise as much as you like.)
Sub-point here, but all songs bought from iTunes must be converted to MP3, as M4a files are not compatible.
– Then click Crawl at Startup, this way every time Steam is opened, it will check for new songs in all folders listed. (NOTE: This does work over multiple drives, in case you have your music separated.)
– Once done, go to Library, and then Music.
– You will arrive at this page. (NOTE: Yours will say something like “Click here to crawl now.”, I just removed my folders for the purposes of showing it empty.)
– Click the Crawl Now button in the message, and it will automatically search all listed folders for music.
– Once this is done, all your music is now available in Steam!


 You can sort your music either by album or by artist.
– If you play an album, then you can add songs to the Queue, or alternatively, just create an entire queue of all your songs.
– There is no easy way to do this that I have found, you can only go through and add each album to the queue as you go.
– Clicking the “Play Next” button will add the album/tracks to play directly after the current song, not after the current queue. Add to queue is for this.
– Double clicking a song in the queue will not push it to the top, but instead, will simply play from that point onwards.
– Repeat and shuffle functions are available on the player, shuffling re-orders the songs in the playlist, so you know what is coming on next.
– The queue can be cleared by right clicking on any song, and selecting clear queue. The same way is used to remove one song.
– The “Show In System” button simply opens the location in Windows Explorer.
– On the Steam Page, where the you see this, clicking the musical note opens the queue.
– Once the last song in the queue ends, you must add more to the queue, or play another song in the queue to play the music. (NOTE: Using the Repeat button repeats the queue indefinitely, but no individual song, much like Spotify.)
– When Shuffle is activated, and Repeat is on, the playlist does not continuously reshuffle after every cycle, but plays the same order until re-shuffled manually. (NOTE: Shuffling again while a song is playing does not change the position of that song, only those around it.)

NOTE: Everything stated above still applies, these are unique to in-game usage.

– When in-game, show your music queue by clicking the Music button, found at the bottom of the Steam overlay, between Web Browser and Settings. (NOTE: If music was started on the Desktop, and then a game is opened, the music player is automatically open in the overlay.)
– Currently, music in the queue can be removed, and the queue can be cleared, but music cannot be added without tabbing out and following the instructions above to add music to the queue. (NOTE: Some games on Steam crash when tabbed out from, so be careful when doing this, as your game may crash.)
– Music settings cannot be adjusted in game, and you must tab out in order to access them.

I believe that is everything for now, this system has pretty much just been added, so as more things are worked on with it, I will edit this post, so if you are interested, bookmark it.

I hope this helped, and happy listening!


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